Supporting people, communities, & institutions moving the world and moved by it


Here’s a quick inventory of the projects I’m currently working on or participating in:

  • Evaluating to Learn: An exploratory application of Outcome Mapping for evaluating and learning from Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Practice grantees in the State of Oregon.
  • True Frames: Message development, adjudication, and refinement for an emerging educational movement in collaboration with Spirit in Action.
  • Story Journals: Making educational change efforts visible and meaningful in collaboration with IDEA and Green River.
  • White People Learning: A support group of white education organizers learning together.
  • Portland Parent Union’s moratorium on out of school suspensions.
  • IDEA Oregon and the Learning Breakthrough Series.
  • Supporting development of EPIC School Partnership network for high school principals.
  • Collaborating with the Oregon Center for Educational Equityto provide school and organization specific training.

Here’s a running list of projects I’m interested in developing or contributing to:

  • Supporting the University of Vermont’s new M.S. in Leadership for Sustainability
  • Lean and Just: What could non-profits and schools learn and benefit from in the adaptation of Agile and Lean methodologies while pursuing an equity driven agenda?
  • A fun educational news podcast similar to the Slate Political Gabest.