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About Me


My first forty years on the planet have been full of learning, challenge, skill-building, and deepening. I’ve been shaped by the people and organizations I’ve matured at, worked in, and led.  I’ve decided the next leg of my journey is to seek creative and pragmatic ways to nurture institutions, communities, and people that are in the business of dignity, sovereignty, relationship, justice, sustainability, and joy. Whether schools, churches, institutions of higher education, non-profits, community organizing efforts, neighborhood associations, cities, elected officials, rural leaders, or state government systems, I’m excited to find ways to make a meaningful contribution.

I think of myself as a hybrid between a charismatic leader, social entrepreneur, savvy politician, community organizer, a policy wonk, middle school teacher, and a detail-oriented campaign manager.

Here’s additional links to media, talks, and projects I’ve contributed to that reflect who I am and what I care about: